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October 06, 2010

RESONATE | in less than 20 words

Nancy Duarte has just published RESONATE, a prequel to Slide:ology. Inside RESONATE you'll learn the Duarte Design methodology for crafting killer presentations. The methodology is explained in-depth without being preachy or uninteresting. It's solid advice for any presenter needing to resonate with an audience.

However, you might be too busy to read RESONATE. If so, here's a far too short and ultra tweet friendly summary presented visually.

"Craft a visual story that takes the audience on a journey from WHAT to WHY to HOW."

DISCLOSURES: (1) For my summary, I borrowed heavily from a line found on pg. 23 of Nick Morgan's excellent book on presentations... "Take your audience on a journey from why to how." (2) The publisher, Wiley, sent me a free copy of RESONATE.


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Wow John, thanks for the review! And you captured the essense so elegantly simple.


I’m glad you pointed me to this book. After checking out the Duarte Design website and taking a peek through both Resonate and Slide:ology, I think I’m going to have to check out both books. There are so many presentations today that are a total bore and simply state facts that audiences will rarely even process for longer than a few seconds. Presentations are all about getting a point across, and it seems like these books cover this topic well.

I'm knee deep into the book right now. I'm having a ton of "holy crap how did I miss this moments"

Going to skip the spoiler until I'm done.
The key for me, will be putting this stuff into practice......

Thanks though... Bookmarked for when I complete :-)

Thanks John. I'm starting to get into "visual thinking" and it seems like these books are the right place to start.

Neal ... here's the issue. These visual thinking presentation design books give great advice on how slides should look. Problem is, designing these slides may take someone skilled in Adobe Illustrator or some other graphic design program. I did a post a few years back on this issue explaining THE HOW IS MISSING in these prezo books.

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