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September 14, 2010

Gatorade Doesn't Get It


In today's Wall Street Journal we learn, Gatorade has four full-time staffers monitoring "social-media posts 24 hours a day ... hoping what they see and learn will help the company more effectively promote its new G-Series of drinks. Whenever someone uses Twitter to say they're drinking a Gatorade or mentions the brand on Facebook or in other social media, it pops up on a screen in Mission Control."

Mission Control?

Gatorade, we have a problem ... social media can't be controlled. If your MISSION is to CONTROL conversations people are having about Gatorade in social media, you will fail. #justsayin


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I wonder if you aren't reading a little too much into the name. From what I read in the article, they're not trying to control the conversation. Instead, they're trying to be a part of it. I think that's a step in the right direction.

Art ... it's foolish to call their listening post "Mission Control." There are so many more appropriate names to call it than "Mission Control" such as...

Observation Deck
Conversation Center
Social Media Center
Listening Post

I agree with Art and think you might be reading a bit too much into the name. The fact is that Gatorade is making a serious attempt to engage and converse with their consumer. Nowhere in the article did anyone from Gatorade say they are trying to control the conversation, only be a part of it.

Shaydon ... my point is, was, and will continue to be ... why call their listening post MISSION CONTROL?

because it is a cool name?

I think it's a perfect name if their mission is to interact with consumers. Just because they call their listening post mission control doesn't necessarily mean their plan is to control what people outside of the company are saying about them through social media.

That's a ridiculous stretch. "Mission Control" is simply referring to controlling the mission - the mission in this case is monitoring and learning.

Wow, those people couldn't look any more bored. That photo just screams "I'd rather have any job but this one, but they pay me too much to quit..."

I'm guessing the 'mission control' thing is more moniker than manifesto, but I see your point.

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