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November 30, 2009


CONFESSIONS OF A PUBLIC SPEAKER by Scott Berkun gets the Marketing Masterpiece Theatre treatment.

If you regularly give presentations, you'll find yourself nodding in agreement with many of the stories Scott tells about presentations gone right and those that went terribly wrong. You'll also pick-up a few pointers on improving the design and delivery of your next presentation.

(Check-out Scott's presentation style by watching his recent gig at the Web 2.0 Expo 2009.)

Don't expect a drab how-to-present book. This ain't it. Scott mixes in his advice alongside well written stories about his life as a "freelance thinker."

Time to cue Sir Wilton Norman Chamberlain III for his dramatic reading ...

RSS Readers ... click here to view the video.

[NOTE: I often receive free copies of biz books from publishers and publicists. However, I spent my money for my copy of CONFESSIONS OF A PUBLIC SPEAKER.]


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Wow - what an honor. Thanks for giving my book the Chamberlain treatment.

One thing: the first link on the page, the one for confessions, goes to - not to

whoops ... link corrected.

Yes it is true that after giving more than one presentation you fell more confident to do it.

Marketing Masterpiece Theater is a good idea in theory, but so boring to listen to! Why aren't you including interesting visuals? I can't stare at a book and listen to that annoying voice for more than 30 seconds. I'm not usually negative when commenting on people's blogs, but in this case, it's tough love. You have so much more in you - now take this thing up a notch!

Ange ... here's the deal ...if I had more time, I would include interesting visuals and do a whiz-bang job on editing the video. Unfortunately, my time is a wee tight and Wilton Norman Chamberlain's day rate is wee bit outrageous. Something has to give. Dig?

This reading has really lots of ideas about marketing...though the voice can really be distracting in some parts while listening. Still, it's all good stuff with interesting humor. For me, it's important to look beyond the voice and see the meaning of what they're reading.

I was gonna say something nice about Sir WNC's presentation but then I saw Angela's comment, and I like Angela (buy her book!) and now I feel like I'd be disagreeing with her. So I won't.

Instead, I'll say that I really need to stock up on Scott Berkun's stuff and stop being such a cheapskate.

(In order to complete the randomosity hat-trick triumvirate, I'll also whine about the fact that Google's wonderful Chrome browser doesn't have a tool to allow me to simultaneously open all my favorite websites as does the Firefox Morning Coffee plugin, so I forget to come experience all the Brand Autopsy goodness until Copyblogger reminds me to.)

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