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August 26, 2009

TRUST AGENTS | a dramatic reading

NOTE: A publicity firm sent me a copy of this book.

Getting the Marketing Masterpiece Theatre treatment today is ... TRUST AGENTS from Chris Brogan and Julien Smith.

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Just finished reading Trust Agents. Wish I would have watched this first, so that the voice of Sir Wilton Norman Chamberlain III could have been echoing through my head as I thumbed through the pages. Great book, made better by this interpretation. "OH THE HUMANITY!!!!" Classic. Long live Marketing Masterpiece Theatre. Off to check out more "new fancy radios" Toodles.

Looking forward to reading Trust Agents. Clever idea.

i'm lol -- sir wilton norman chamberlain iii could make anything sound important!

WNC3 is indeed a hoot. His voice is a big as he is tall. (Ha.)

Where is the "III" on the title slide? LOL.

Truth be told Kami ... the III insignia doesn't show-up correctly in Snell Roundhand typeface. A sacrifice had to be made. Rest assured, WNC3's lawyers made sure WNC3 was financially compensated for the dropping of III.

Omg I'm crying over here.

Thanks for the reading. You make the words even more dramatic with your delivery. Very well done.

Absolutely love it. OH THE HUMANITY!

For a few seconds there, I thought I WAS listening to "War of the Worlds." Well, not really. But the reading was very entertaining and I wanted to get a "look" at the book before deciding to make a purchase via Amazon.

What an amazing read! What a read, that's all I can say!

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