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July 22, 2009

Would You Miss Costco?

Continuing my “Would you Miss” series ...


Does Costco provide such a unique product and customer experience that we would be saddened if it didn’t exist? Does Costco treat its employees so astonishingly well that those workers would not be able to find another employer to treat them as well? Does Costco forge such unfailing emotional connections with its customers that they would fail to find another hardware store that could forge just as strong an emotional bond?

What say you?

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Absolutely NOT. Just the opposite. I have yet to see a happy employee - especially when they are throwing (literally) merchandise on shelves and into carts at check-out.

Yes. Costco is a leader on every front - from customer and employee satisfaction to the high amount of trust they have built up with consumers by having the best buyers in the business. Their unique approach will not work at their sloppy competitors sams and bjs.

Absolutely - love CostCo.

Yes. The only direct competitor I know of or have ready access to, Sam's Club carries much poorer quality products.

Costco is an exemplary company in many ways, and would be missed on several fronts.

Hardware store?

Wearing my consumer hat...I love Costco
I start with their hot dog and soda for $1.50 then work my way through the food aisles. Love their fresh pizza, chicken thighs, lamb chops, lamb shanks. They'd definitely be sorely missed in this household. The only two things that would make them better would be if they accepted Visa/Mastercard and if they were more conveniently located to my home.

My family and I certainly would!

We do not have a Costco near us. This seems to be Sam's Club country. In fact I have never been to a Costco. So I myself would not miss it but my family in California swear by it. It's the first place they check when price shopping.

For groceries, if they don't sell it at costco, it may as well not exist. I buy 95% of my food and household products there and I am always angry when I need to go pay supermarket prices for things that Costco does not carry.

Costco and Amazon are the only retailers that I would miss.

I don't know where David Kelly shops, but does he see Bizarro flying around in the skies? Is the sky yellow where he lives? I've experienced positive customer experiences more often and to a greater degree at CostCo than anywhere else I can think of.

Sad to say, NO. I have a Sam's and a Costco membership. I go to Costco way more then Sam's because I feel they have more quality items but if Costco where no more I would just go to Sam's.

Costco is the largest wine merchant in the US. Their prices are usually 25% to 50% of what supermarkets carry when you compare price per unit. They don't carry everything - which is why supermarkets and other hardware stores still exist. Otherwise, they'd all be gone.

Oh, yes, we'd miss Costco.

Absolutely! There are WAY above Sam's Club in all areas... quality, variety in merchandise, atmosphere. If I have to shop warehouse, it's Costco.

Yes, they are rumoured to treat employees as people and so one hopes they thrive

Yes, Yes, Yes! Besides the fact that they have some of the best hot dogs around, I have known many people that worked for them and loved their jobs. They pay well, offer benefits, and are geared towards moving their employees up the corporate ladder instead of hiring outside managers. I would be sad if I no longer had a sweet elderly lady hand me a paper cup with a delicious Dino Nugget to eat while I peruse the cheese. Sad indeed.

Costco drives quality and value into everything they do. The items they carry, the people they employ, even their return policy. They are making the world of commerce a better place as well as providing a fun place to shop. You bet we would miss Costco.

I've been doing this "Would You Miss" series for a few years and only a handful of companies would indeed be missed. Costco is one of them.

Thanks for all your comments.

Absolutely, Costco has everything you want and everything you didn't know you wanted at a great value. In addition, Costco is a leader in the retail market on many fronts.

I would definitely miss Costco. They've taken the Sam's Club model and one-upped them by offering a better selection, higher quality and nicer shopping atmosphere.

Absolutely I would miss Costco. I do most of the family weekly shopping there. Its a great way to feed a growing family of 6. Costco carries a lot of organic and/or transitional organic food. Their prices and selection are better than Sam's.

The staff is always friendly and helpful. It is always clean and well organized. I've never gotten a sideways look when I come in with my four kids under the age of 8.

Whether it's Cosco, BJs or other, they would absolutely be missed by anyone who lives with at least 3 people in their household.

If BJs closed, I would have to drive an extra 20 minutes to get to a Cosco, and even then, they don't have as great a lineup of brand items for parents (DIAPERS) as BJs.

There is a major role for big box retailers, particularly brand name big box facilitators with a strong local destination play.

Hell yes, I'd miss CostCo. Going there is a ritual for me. what's not to love about their brand?

Yes, my family would dearly miss Costco! We would never shop at Sam's Wholesale, as their labor practices are bad and their store brands hopeless. BJ's also lacks the strong store brands we love from Costco. The customer service at Costco, especially during the holiday season, is better than any other bulk wholesale store. If you have small children, the savings on items like diapers and organic milk is invaluable. We love the place and hope it enjoys a long and productive life.

I would. The stores around me are very friendly (and I'm outside of NYC).

The magazine they send to business owners adds the human touch as well. I've seen people I know and have also been included in one of their stories.

The magazine connected the store to me.

From electronics to auto care, electronics to food, COSTCO is a great store with great customer service and continues to be a great brand. I would certainly miss the store and I think America would miss it as well.

Yes! We would miss Costco. My husband has worked for Costco for nearly 20 years, and is now a manager. They take good care of their employees compared to many other retailers. He gets great benefits (health insurance for our whole family at a reasonable cost), has a healthy retirement, and is paid more than many comparable jobs in his particular field. Additionally, they have high quality products, a great return policy, and generally strong customer service. If the Costco near year doesn't reflect these values, it probably is being managed by a poor warehouse manager.

No, although I have been a member for years I find they sell any product that provides their ROI threshold and switch out products without regard to consumer loyalty. I am struggling with a real reason lately to renew my membership...

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