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April 20, 2009

The Designful Company

... from the Post2Post tour highlighting THE DESIGNFUL COMPANY


Consider THE DESIGNFUL COMPANY from Marty Neumeier as a manifesto on building a company based upon the pillars of vision, culture, and innovation.

His earlier books, THE BRAND GAP and ZAG, were also manifestos. THE BRAND GAP discussed the importance of marketers and creatives working together within a company to bridge the gap between logic (marketing) and magic (design). ZAG expressed, in irrefutable fashion, how to best develop and apply differentiation strategies. Both books are brilliant.

And, THE DESIGNFUL COMPANY is also brilliant.

Neumeier makes a compelling case for “DESIGN” being more about performance than style. Being a designer, according to Neumeier, isn’t limited to being an artist, architect, composer, etc. Not at all. Anyone, and that means everyone, who tries to improve a given situation is a designer. Whenever you work through any creative process, you are doing design. Dig?

To give you some flavor for THE DESIGNFUL COMPANY, I designed a three-minute video ditty sharing smart tid-bits from the book. Enjoy…

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John, great summary.

Marty is singing my song...and yours too.

We've been working out the approach to design thinking for existing small and medium size enterprises for a little more than 3 years now. And...loving it!

Thanks for putting this "ditty"!

Keep creating...practical surprise,

Mike ... thanks for the comment. Marty's book is a must-read for people like us. Yes, we've been singing this song of building a business from the inside out to create a great brand. Marty is just giving us new lyrics to sing.

Thanks for the Review, John.


If you have generated a lot of money you can expand a business from the outside. Otherwise you have little choice but to build from the inside. Trying to grow form the outside is risky.
I went through the 16 levers of change. It seems like too many factors for my liking. I'd like to compress them to a more manageable lot.

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