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February 10, 2009

A Mix Tape Business Book

Jack Covert and Todd Sattersten are business book evangelists. Notice the use of “evangelists” and not “experts.” Sure, both have expert knowledge about business books, but they intentionally use this knowledge to evangelize how business books can help people make smarter, more meaningful decisions at work.

As the driving forces behind 800-CEO-READ, Jack and Todd know most businesspeople intend to read business books, but rarely do. They read one every couple of years, they have a stack of un-cracked business books, and they certainly need more direction on which business book are worth their time.

In writing THE 100 BEST BUSINESS BOOKS OF ALL TIME, Jack and Todd hope to give people more direction on WHY business books matter and HOW they can help people better achieve.

Sure, the title is hubris-heavy and begs for debate. A better title may have been, THE 100 MOST INTERESTING BUSINESS BOOKS OF OUR TIME. That’s because their book highlights only the most interesting and approachable books that are relevant to today’s business world.

In essence, they’ve created a Biz Book Mix Tape recommending worthwhile books on Personal Development, Leadership, Business Strategy, Marketing, Management, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, etc. With each recommendation comes a three-page summary to give you the flavor of the book to entice you to learn more by reading the entire book.

Trust me, go to the bookstore and riffle through THE 100 BEST BUSINESS BOOKS OF ALL TIME. I’m sure you’ll find it interesting enough to purchase and enjoyable enough to read. And hopefully worthwhile enough to take the author’s advice and revisit your stack of unopened business books.

We’ll talk more about this book on March 2 … we’re the first stop on the Post2Post Book Tour for THE 100 BEST BUSINESS BOOKS OF ALL TIME.


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