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December 15, 2008

The IDB Project | Chapter 5

The IDB Project is a series of posts sharing summaries, snippets, and takeaways from INSIDE DRUCKER’S BRAIN (Jeffrey Krames)


When Naturals Run Out

“When you need large numbers of talented managers, you have to convert management into something that can be learned or taught.”Peter Drucker

Peter Drucker used the word “natural” to signify a superstar manager. He shared an interesting story with Jeffrey Krames which explains why he used “natural” to mean star performer.

In an interview with Krames, Drucker talked about how, before corporations ruled business, family businesses were the leading businesses. And, family businesses were naturally managed by family members. Drucker said the best of these family managers were “naturals.”

However, at some point, the family business would run out of “naturals” and they would need to look outside the family for managers. A process was needed “… that could transform non-naturals into competent managers.” Thus, making the matter of finding, training, and developing managers a critical business discipline.

Throughout his career, Drucker shared lots of ideas on what makes someone a natural manager.

For example, people who can hire and fire employees without getting emotionally involved are “naturals.” Those who can effectively manage their time to focus supremely on just one or two priorities at a time are “naturals.” People who can make difficult decisions and ask difficult questions at the most opportune time are “naturals.” And, “Naturals” know it is their responsibility to foster a positive and welcoming corporate culture.

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