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October 27, 2008

Red Rubber Ball at Work

I’m a Kevin Carroll fan—it’s not hard not to be one. His enthusiasm for unlocking the unbridled playfulness we once enjoyed as children is as contagious as it is important.

Kevin uses a symbol of our childhood—a red rubber ball—as a metaphor for us adults to rekindle our passion for playing.

As Kevin shared in his first book, the red rubber ball represents “play” and ‘play’ is “any activity, topic, or purpose that makes you excited about the day.” Everyone has a red rubber ball. Some of us just need a little inspirational prodding to find it. According to Kevin, “Your red rubber ball is what grabs you by the soul. It’s what captures your imagination. It’s what you do when no one tells you what to do.”

Recently, Kevin published a follow-up book profiling how “play” shaped the lives of notable business leaders. In THE RED RUBBER BALL AT WORK, we learn how the professional lives of well-known chefs, marketers, authors, surgeons, and engineers were influenced by the seemingly childhood games they played as children.

It’s a worthwhile read.

Take a few moments to riffle through some of the money quotes plucked from the introductory chapter to THE RED RUBBER BALL AT WORK. (Once done riffling, get to buying and reading the book.)


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I am a fan as well I love his work, his speaking is even more engaging than his writing. I am looking forward to digging into his latest book.

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