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July 24, 2008

Architects Envision the Next Starbucks

Consider peeping the July issue of ARCHITECT magazine. The magazine asked five architect design firms to envision the rebirth of Starbucks. Interesting results ... lots of daydreaming esoteric fodder for design-types. The regular marketing-type in me likes the Modular Community Kitchen design from Studios Architecture.

CLICK HERE to review all five rebirthing Starbucks design ideas.


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I fully agree with you. I think that sort of design might make for a great starbucks.

Personally, I would love to see where McDonald's redesign eventually goes. I can't think of a company that would more benefit from having a few architects redesign their franchise outlets.

I was surprised by how many of the proposals mentioned "fast", "quick", "automoated". Seems to me that's what got Starbucks in trouble.

Like John, I like the StudioS concept. If Starbucks is going to recapture the magic they need to create another paradigm shift. First they taught us what a coffee (the actual product) experience could be. And while their stores certainly were different than what we had come to expect, they have over time slipped back in to a comfort zone. People walk in, often alone, put on headphones, stick their nose in a book or computer screen, and crawl in to their own little world. Heck, could have done that at home.

With the StudioS design, Starbucks could re-invigorate the idea of community interaction. Imagine the impact if they could get strangers to interact. That would be a powerful, and empowering, accomplishment.


Rendering reminds me of my office away from office in London; the Aveda Cafe located inside a concept Aveda salon in Marylebone.

Organic, discreet, pierced, peculiar.

People LOVE to meet me there.
Clients who live in London ask, "How did you find this place"?

We all know people meet at SBUX... Do you believe this layout would facilitate that?

Can't wait to see it

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