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April 24, 2008

Digging Inside Steve’s Brain

If you’re following me on Twitter, then you know I’m reading Leander Kahney’s newest Apple-related book … INSIDE STEVE’S BRAIN. It’s a worthy read.

Lots have been written about Steve Jobs and Apple. Kahney’s book, though, runs the full gamut on sharing the business mindset that drives Jobs and drives Apple to succeed. You’ll learn insights into developing new products, designing the customer experience, fostering an innovation spirit, hiring top talent, and sharing passion to “… put a ding in the universe.”

I judge the worthiness (and worthlessness) of business book on three factors: IDEATION (helps me generate new ideas), INTELLECTION (gives me a new perspective on a business topic) and MAXIMIZATION (increases my current understanding of a business topic). INSIDE STEVE’S BRAIN ranked high for me on all three factors. That’s why it’s a worthy read.

Sample some of INSIDE STEVE'S BRAIN through these tasty Money Quotes

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That's a fantastic slideshow, and a great teaser for actually reading the book. In particular, I liked the quote about Job's interview process, where he deliberately provokes potential employees. A key to finding passionate employees is to... well, see if they're passionate! Too often, interviews fail to explore the various facets of a person's character.

Thanks for putting that together - it was a great look at Apple's "core" (lame, I know). On a side note though, I do wonder what will happen when Steve's cortex leaves the Apple core. Will Apple continue it's path to greatness or will it experience downfall 2.0?

this book sucks

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