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October 22, 2007

An Amazing Bookstore

Hey everyone, I'm still out-of-pocket yet I stumbled upon something amazing in my European travels that I had to share immediately...

Picture this. A historic cathedral sits empty in the heart of Maastricht (Netherlands) shopping district.


Now picture this. Selexyz converts the historic cathedral into a bookstore.

That’s remarkable. So remarkable that I’m remarking about it here. So remarkable Seth is sure to reference this bookstore in a presentation. So remarkable you are going to spend time looking at the photos below and then click on the links to learn more. So remarkable you will remark about this with others.

>> More information << | >> More photos <<


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Thats incredible I must say. Let's see it if penetrates the blogosphere bubble.

Remarkable indeed! And just as you have already predicted, I am going to post this remarkable innovative idea on my personal blog and hope others find it just as remarkable. Honestly, I have always wanted to put up a bookstore and I have always admired churches for their architecture. Guess someone finally put these two together. Although I do think they could have made the book arrangement more compatible with the whole environment.


As a one-time architecture major (who wasn't an architecture major at one point?) and a book hound, this is very cool. By the way, when might we find another little gem from you within the walls of a bookstore?

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