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August 15, 2007

The Real Web 2.0 Bubble

By way of Brian Oberkirch, we learn of the real Web 2.0 bubble. We're not talking about the Web 2.0 bubble economy but rather, the bubbling-over of Bubble Quote logos. (Oh my!)

Trevor Elliot arranged the following chart of Web 2.0 Bubble Logos and added some smart commentary...

"As a catch-all symbol, the speech bubble is tough to resist. It contains what everyone wants to say about the 'new' web: user-generated, communication, collaboration, commenting, social media, community, self-published, my voice, our voice, rating, ranking, sharing and the rest.

But, it’s over. The day has come to pronounce from far and wide – 'Attention all startups, it’s a bad idea to hang your ID hat on a speech bubble. Just don’t.'" [MORE]



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Oh, my. I was thinking of having a logo designed for Conversation Agent... not really ;-) Greg Verdino had pointed out the flame becoming popular as well not long ago.

So is it back to the future -- community and conversation, or something else -- it's hot and listen to me!(?) Hard to do a question within a statement.

Wow - my favourite logo out of the bunch would have to be the 'Aim' logo. It is bright, crisp, modern and stylish. The speech bubble has been cleverly integrated with the word Aim which adds to the overall brand.

Well done!

Excellent Article! Here I found something more about web 2.0 logos

LyricWiki has a speech bubble too:

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