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July 14, 2007

Interesting Survey of iPhone Buyers

Despite the hype, despite the activation issues, and despite the myriad drawbacks, buyers of the iPhone are a very happy bunch. So says a recent study from Interpret of 200 iPhone buyers.

According to the study, 90% of iPhone buyers surveyed are either extremely or very satisfied with the phone and 85% of them will recommend the iPhone to a friend.

Other interesting tid-bits from the survey include:
>> 30% of iPhone buyers are first-time Apple customers
>> 50% of iPhone buyers switched cellphone carriers
>> 35% of these switchers paid, on average, $167 to make the switch
>> iPhone users are expected to pay $35 more in monthly service fees


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If I paid $500+ for a phone and had to wait in the rain to get it, you bet I'd tell everyone it was a great decision. Otherwise, people would look at me like I was a lunatic.

I really don't know -- I didn't go for the iPhone -- but a lot of this is probably sheer "consistency". We all have a need to defend our actions, even if we don't necessarily agree with them after we've done them.

Time will tell, but I wouldn't read too much in to self-reported "iHappy-ness" at this stage.

I just posted about this survey today at Brandcurve, and I'm not surprised that buyers are happy with their iPhones so far or that people are willing to switch cellphone carriers to get one. I think early adopters of a product like an iPhone at its current price point wouldn't be concerned with the fees they'd incur to switch or higher monthly bills.

However, I'm most interested to hear the results of iPhone user surveys 6 months to a year from now after being an AT&T Wireless customer for an extended amount of time. First, AT&T Wireless is not known for good customer service. Second (and this one comes from personal experience), AT&T Wireless coverage is terrible. I'll be interested to see if they've made changes to fix those problems and keep iPhone users satisfied for the long term.

I know! Iphone is overrated and over hyped. That is why most user especially the new Apple user are very happy with their new found gadget. FOr me, iphone is very expensive and people are not very practical. I guess they are also rich. For me, im still contented with my Blackberry from I still love my phone!DUDE!

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