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March 22, 2007

Would you miss Wells Fargo?

Continuing my “would you care” series while I am on vacation in Belgium


Does Wells Fargo provide such a unique product and customer experience that we would be saddened if it didn’t exist? Does Wells Fargo treat its employees so astonishingly well that those workers would not be able to find another employer to treat them as well? Does Wells Fargo build such unfailing emotional connections with its customers that they would fail to find another retail bank that could forge just as strong an emotional bond?

What say you?

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I'm surprised they haven't been gobbled up already. Poor service all the way around for a long, long time. Depite some great imagery from ad campaigns in the late 70s and early 80s, they've really fallen by the wayside and never really lived up to their image. They're not here in the Midwest -- or at least in the Indianapolis area -- so I'd have to say I wouldn't miss them in the slightest.

Not at all.

A world without Wells Fargo would be ... like the wells of Fargo, ND filled with the wood chipper drained blood of former Wells Fargo C*Os.

I like it!


being in the sports sponsorship business they are so hard to work with! But I still need them around because thye will spend $, just takes a lot to get it.

Perhaps I'm the outlier, but I've been very happy with their service...especially after moving from the Northeast where we had Sovereign (which would not allow you to change your address unless you printed out a COA form, and mailed it in - plus the form was only available on their site, not in the branch).

Couple of thoughts...

They're a huge company... more likely to gobble others up vs. being gobbled...

They've got retail bank locations but also have a HUGE mortgage business... They do a ton of mortgage servicing...

In fact, I started doing business with them when they bought my mortgage from the company I had financed with... Wasn't my choice - but one day I got a letter letting me know that THEY would be the ones to send payment to...

Amazing. Very insightful letter from Paul. I guess just because they're not in our little corner of the world doesn't mean others aren't profoundly affected.

Hey, what do I know? I'm just a barista. 8^D

Wells Fargo has a great deal of my personal and business accounts. They are a very adaptable company. They went high tech in the mid 90's a decade ahead of most financial institutions. They give to my community and their employees are happy. I opened my first account with them in the 70's. I could not imagine a world without them.

I love their service and have been with them for a long time. They are focused on the Western US. If you don't live here, then oh well...your opinion doesn't reasonably count because you live outside the target market.

Customer service on the individual's experience is the brand perception. I've had a consistently good impression for the last 12 years. Perhaps some people haven't been so lucky...but isn't that reality?

I would be sad if they went away...I WORK for the bank! For what it is worth, it is a great place to work. The culture is positive, they have amazing training, and there is opportunity for the future. Additionally, they have lived up to EVERYTHING they told me during the interview process.

Few companies are favored on Wall Street AND are a great place to work (usually the analysts like them OR the employees like is a rare company that is loved by both!).

Plus, the stagecoach is pretty cool.

Good company ran by bad people like Doreen Woo Ho and Sylvia Reynolds. Wells Fargo then is not the Wells Fargo we know today. Read this article -- -- and you'll be surprised about the lack of data and information security. They can't even monitor their own employees activities. Very disturbing.

I'd say google the words "Wells Fargo Sucks" and you'll find a good record of nightmares.

From the moment Norwest purchased Wells Fargo it already deceived its customers. Who the heck knows anything about Norwest in the West Coast?

Wells Fargo says it advocates diversity, yet their executive board is ran by a bunch of rednecks. Name a single african american person serving it's executive board, who reports to DICK?

Wells Fargo says it advocates community support, yet it does not have programs for low income customers. I challenge you to walk at a branch wearing a t-shirt and a simple pair of jeans, and see how they'll treat you.

Wells Fargo says it encourages growth and retention of their employees, yet the turn-over of tellers and bankers are extremely high.

They have a good marketing strategy, and that is to lure consumers to get all their banking services through them - a Norwest principle. You get a discount for bundled services. Is this really safe? Think again.

The head of their marketing introduced a strategy called "value proposition", this is designed to make consumers "feel good", through photographs, brochures, media. The idea was, how to make consumers feel good, so they would borrow more money. One of their tag line for a home equity loan was "smart management of your home asset". If you were smart, should you put your property on the line of possible foreclosure?

Look at the junk mails you received for Mortgage or Home Equity loans, does it say anything about risk about foreclosure? Look at the fine print in the back. I bet you there's none.

I know one thing for certain because I worked there before. I am never coming back. I'll advise friends, family, and just about anyone I know to put their money elsewhere.

Banking with a local credit union is SMARTER.
Hope somebody trademarks this last phrase!

Not a bit - I switched to the slightly better B of A a while ago for the same reason Tom Foremski gets medieval on WF at Silicon Valley Watcher: unconscionably long holds on deposited funds.

Given their policies & practices, I dont understand how WellsFargo stays in business in these days of fierce competition. Few weeks ago, I wrote a cheque and I wanted the bank to pay the depositor. I spoke to banker he said there's going to be -ve balance and the cheque will get returned unless, I can put deposit some money into my account. So I deposited my pay check right then and there (which would leave sufficient funds). The banker explicitly said both the transacations are hitting the same day and they will offset each other and the cheque will be paid to depositor. 2 days later, I saw the cheque was returned and when I spoke to the bank, they said there was insufficient fund and bank returned the cheque because there was insufficient funds and "THATS THEIR BANK POLICY". A week later I wrote one more cheque and this time (due to some unexplainable circumstances) I didnt want the bank to pay the depositor and there was insufficient balance in my account to pay that cheque. This time around the bank paid the depositor and they charged me overdraft fee. This time the banker said "ITS UPTO THE BANK TO DECIDE IF THEY WANT TO PAY THE CHECK OR NOT"

Hell no, I would not miss them. I have been fighting with them for three days about them posting debits before credits to my account. They have charged me several overdraft fees stating that my deposits have not been getting in by their cut-off time. Like most single moms I know, I have a flippin job and can't make their 4 p.m. cutoff. That's ridiculous. Why stay open until 6 or 7 if you aren't posting anything?
When I called to complain I was told that if I continued to have an attitude I wouldn't be helped. Really? Just like when I called yesterday sweet as pie and still got no help? Every operator I have talked to had an attitude, yet I can't? All I know is they suck and I am leaving. It is sad when you are a loyal customer for 10+ years and the company gets so large they forget to care about you.

Ok, am I the only one with this complaint, Twice, TWICE in the last 12 months my account has had fraudulent access to it. I have to close out the account and open a new one while swearing out affidaviets that I have gained no reward from this fraudulent actions. How in the world can this happen to the same people twice in 12 months and no one to my knowledge has been prosecuted. My opinion is that they are too large and really dont take these kinds of activities seriously, and write them off as a cost of doing buisness. While us poor folk out here suffer and the criminals know that this big corporate mentality is there and run hardly any risk of getting caught.


BTW, I am in the west and worked for them at one time...... they cant get a handle on anything.

Well Fargo would be missed for sure! They are the only triple A rated bank in the USA! They service the most mortgage loans in the United States. This company has been in business for over 150 years. They must be doing something right if they are still in business today. It seems to me like they have a very excellent handle on things!

I'd pop a few bottles of champaign and dance in the street if they went out of business.
WF bought out my mortgage about 7 months ago. We found this out by way of a rate increase letter, in which their first action as the new mortgage holder was to raise our rate from 6.75% to 8.6%. We had just put the house on the market, so couldn't refinance.

In the past 7 months, they've refused payment requests from our insurance company 4 times, and each of those times they picked up a policy for us, because we weren't insured, that was 3 1/2 time the cost of our real policy. My wife or I would then waste an entire afternoon arguing that we have insurance and WF is holding the money for it in escrow. Their argument was "you didn't authorize us to release the finds for this transaction".

We finally sold that house this week. After attorney review 6 weeks ago we called WF and requested they NOT release funds for next year's insurance or this years 4th quarter property taxes. After closing we found out that they had made BOTH payments, and that the amount we actually owed on the house was higher, by the amount of these 2 payments, then the payout amount we were given 2 days ago. They admitted that they DID have our requests not to pay out on record and they were released in error, but they refuse to reverse the payments, because "we don't do that".

Now we have to come up with an additional $1600 dollars before WF will release the title to the new owners, and wait for the insurance and tax people to straighten things out and send us refund checks. We told WF that we just lost our shirts in this crummy market and don't have the money. Their response was, believe it or not, "have your real estate attorney float you the money"!

I can't stand this company and I hope they go down in very expensive flames.

I had a family member that worked for them. Said that operations were all over the place. Highly disorganized. Stop Forecosure Help

This bank in Edina, Minnesota has closed a passage way that has existed for the 35 years I have lived in the neighborhood. This passage served a four block area which needs to get to the business district from our residential area.
A meeting was set up with them and they never showed up, exactly like lying,
They now require us to walk through their four drive up lanes; NICE!
A petition from 25 neighbors was ignored as they erected a iron fence with an iron hand. They can go to hell!
I implore all to leave this bank and go elsewhere where they behave as part of a functioning neighborhood, not Nazi's.
All this neighborhood needed was a short stairway, but the fools decided to make it a drive everywhere world. SCREW THEM!!

I just wanted to say that as an employer, Wells Fargo has been wonderful! They were my personal bank before I started working there amd I never had a problem with them. In fact, one of the reasons I work there is because of their great customer service and their community support! I challenge anyone to find the "perfect" business in todays world. I work and bank at a great company...I am sorry some of you have not had that experience. In my book, Wells Fargo is a great bank

Are you referring to that Wells Feego wagon that does nothing but run roughshod over some unsuspecting customer, and then the usual uppity teller yelling back to the bloodied corpse "call loss prevention you schmuck - there's nothing we can do to help"? Yes, that will be a beautiful day when the wheels go spinning off and the whole coach goes careening over the canyon wall taking rude and incompetent Wells F***o employees with it, who are still loudly proclaiming how great an institution they are as they reach terminal velocity, until they impact the dry riverbed, splintering to a million shards of splinters and broken bones. Here lies Wells Fatso - wait while I spit on the remains.

Please get some more education so you can get a real job. Too bad I will never see you as long as you work there. Wells Fargo is like a bad bar that you just avoid because you can!

I can not believe it! If you read my entry earlier about our neighborhoods request for new steps...well...they are actually building them! I can not believe they actually respond! BLESS THEM! Thank you Wells Fargo! Too bad you did not make an indication that you would do this before you lost some big money customers. Maybe next time you will try to fit into and share with what has been tradition and not act so bull headed. Hopefully in the future, when you say you will meet with someone, you will; saves a ton of energy! Nobody likes to be lied to!

Now...if you can catch your vandals rather than blaming me just because I am vocal for this neighborhood. I hope you quit wasting the police resources. Nobody likes vandals, especially in this neighborhood. I apologize for them, nobody wants that! I hope you catch them.

Thanks again for doing the right thing with the building of the new steps. This neighborhood (which is cut in the middle) appreciates it very much and tradition and needs will now remain, even over "business guy's" pointy headed arguments.

Would I miss Wells Fargo if they imploded tomorrow?

HELL NO! As a part-bookkeeper at a local grocery store (and currently majoring in Corporate Management, Finance, and Economics), I deal with Wells Fargo EVERY week due to bounced/returned checks from customers, and it's all the same. "It's the customer's fault. They didn't see how much money they had in their account. Blah, blah, lemme-shove-my-head-further-up-my-ass, blah." I know many of these customers, and I know that it's not their fault. It's the fault of a manipulative banking company hell-bent on collecting as many fees or simply returning as many checks as possible from its customers.

After dealing with the many asshats that call themselves Wells Fargo employees, I can say without a doubt that I'm SO glad that I bank with WaMu and CitiBank, NOT Wells Fargo!

i have been banking at wells fargo for 3 yrs and they messed me over on my first bank acount i had with 30 over braft fees that added up to $800.00 and i they gave me a regauler acount that i opened and now the new acount they gave me 15 over draft fees that added up to $500.00 and the first account with the $800.0 over i put a freeze on it becuase the were letting more stuff go throw it and i was caping on it and the sent it to colections and than the charged it off when o was trying to pay it off now it is on my credit report ass a charge off and it all was there damb over draft frees and now they are trying to do it to my new acount. i had $200.00 in there and than i went to get something to eat and my card did not work and i called they and they said i was $120.00 under after every thang pending and after 5 days later the acount said $499.00 under and i have not used the acount at all than 5 more days go by and my wife gets her work check direct deposeted in to pay they rent that is $698.00 and the bank says that we are $29.00 under that is bull shit. i have had nothing but problems with wells fargo. and i am a computer tech and i put there new computers in for them in phoneix az. and a lady took off $100.00 of my first acount as a one time good faith thang she said and they will not do that to my new acount that is bull crap!!!!

Wells Fargo is a large enterprise with many facets and department heads making decisions. They are the ONLY aaa rated bank in the U.S. If they don't just give you money, it's because they have solid protocols in place to ensure doing business is a good fit. Personally, I have used them for the past 7 years and have absolutely no complaints. One more point to consider, while I cannot speak of other large banks, you will find most Wells Fargo personnel, once they move up in ranks past teller, have long tenures of 10, 20, 30, 40+ years and there are many of them. Must be doing something, or everything right.


Yup, they do EVERYTHING right!

What WF branch do you work? I wish I could relive my life, work and move up (and away) through "the ranks" and become a star at Wells Fargo; that would be my aim for a full life.


No, my employ is not under Wells Fargo. However, I do have substantial insight into their award winning customer services.

By the way, if you're looking for employment, perhaps you should check out teller positions at your local Wells Fargo branch. They have an excellent training program for people like yourself. With hard work, passion and a team oriented attitude, your dreams just might come true!

I wouldn't care. I would just happily celebrate. They are a horrible bank with very incompetent employees. They try to be nice while they tell you and do the dumbest/most unjust things.

If I can even help bring them down; I'm in.

I wouldn't care. I would just happily celebrate. They are a horrible bank with very incompetent employees. They try to be nice while they tell you and do the dumbest/most unjust things.

If I can even help bring them down; I'm in.

Oh my dreams come true every time I walk through the Wells Fargo lot and to the US Bank ATM across the street. Eddie, why are you in the Wells Fargo Sucks comments if you are love them, ahhhh I think you work there...I can tell, with your suck up company mandate. Award winning customer service? Oh BITE ME EDDIE! work for them don't cha?

You might try contacting individual Wells Fargo officers or departments directly regarding your grievance(s) - the phone numbers and email addresses for numerous Wells Fargo departments and employees are at

Please let us know what sort of response (if any) you receive from Chairman Dick Kovacevich or others at Wells Fargo. And if you know how to contact specific Wells Fargo employees who are not currently listed at, please send us this information (we can be reached at We will be happy to include it on our website.

Good luck!

You might want to consider publicizing the details of your grievance(s) with Wells Fargo by using the following free or inexpensive Press Release Services:






PRESSBOX : (United Kingdom only)


Wells Fargo = Despicable!
Awful Management practices. Claims of Diversity and supporting the employee are not true. Wells Fargo acts like a company that cares until they have no reason for you!
Internally Wells Fargo is a mess. If you have an opportunity – SUE wells Fargo!
Take if from an internal source. Wells Fargo has to settle law suites ALL the time due to unfair practices.

Wells Fargo officers have been convicted of embezzlement. Wells Fargo has promoted convicted embezzlers into VP officer level positions.

Wells Fargo does not protect the customer. Employees are able to walk off with computer equipment and sell it out of their trunk.

Wells Fargo is not a good investment. Wells Fargo stock holders should shirk over the monetary losses from untracked computers, monitors, projectors, equipment, movie cameras and office supplies.

Wells Fargo is not the diverse company it claims to be. A company like Wells Fargo cuts checks to appear diverse.

Wells Fargo should be ashamed of how they claim to be pro employee. The whim of any given manager is the business plan of tomorrow. Wells Fargo leadership training manual should be entitled “Use, Abuse and Stab ‘em in the back – Management the old west way”

I wouldn't care. If anyone needs a PR & marketing overhaul, it's these guys...

No, I would not miss them. I would not miss them so much that I'm going out of my way to reply to this old thread.

When Wells Fargo bought out my local bank, they switched my free savings account into one that they started charging me $20 a month to use. It was ridiculous given I was a college student at the time and didn't have a lot of money in there anyway. They did the same thing to my grandmother and my sister. We lost a few hundred dollars in the process before we figured out what was going on. Apparently, their policy when executing one of their many acquisitions is to squeeze as much money out of new customers as they can.

It's their loss. My family pulled out all of our accounts from Wells Fargo (including a pretty hefty business account) and went to a local firm, First Federal. First Federal has personally called my mother when she accidentally overdrafted on her personal account. Wells Fargo couldn't even dream of doing something like that.

I went into Wells Fargo on August 29th and cashed a 1400 check, ok everything was fine. Then on the 30th of August I see I have 3200 in the account, way more than I had in my check register, so I went into the branch on Norma Lane in Woodbury, MN and talked to a banker, branch manager, lead teller and a teller, they all told me it was fine I spent an hour there. They said that my check register was wrong what there screen showed was right. I told them no, it is not because I won't have another deposit until the 2nd of September. "No that depsoit came through today". Okay so I took and cashed a check for 2500 on the 30th of August. Everything was fine, I checked onlien it came out of my account.

Well that is not the end of this story, I then checked online on September 2nd and the 2500 was wiped off the account and it showed I had 1110 in the account, I asked where the 2500 check was at the Valley Creek Location and the branch manager, Jeremy, told me the account is being updated so I will see it tomorrow and the reason I had the amount in there is because of a deposit of 612. I told him something was wrong and spent over an hour in his branch, cashed my daughters child support check for 900. The next day that was reversed as well.

So then on September 17th, I call the Cottage Grove Branch because I wanted to know why I was all of a sudden 3600 over drawn, and they could not answer the question until I received the checked written out to cash with a stop payment on them. Which I never did.

I then found out that a company by the name of CashNet USA which we put a stop payment on back in June was at fault and Wells Fargo marked all checked coming in written out to cash as a stop payments and now they took my father's entire 3685 VA Veterans Disability and Social Secuirty Rail Road Retirement and Social Security Disability checks to pay off a mistake that was not mine.

They told me on a recorded line that I recorded that they would redirect the money to go into my sole account so my father would not be kicked out of his nursing home, and unable to go into a new nursing home for one year as well as my two girls and I being evicted because I now cannot pay for my rent.

Any suggestions?

I would not miss them. As a graduate student, I have worked for them for nearly two years. As I am reaching the end of my Master's education, suddenly, attending classes has become an issue for my managers. I have been repeatedly harassed about leaving early (I leave at 3:45 twice a week). However, I work every Saturday and work 40+ hours. In the last 3 months, I have worked 9 weeks of 6 days a week, yet they have been unable to attain 40 hours a week for me. I have even been pulled into the office to ask if I need to take 2 weeks off to find a new job. I can not go to my district manager because he has already told me this is a "branch level' issue. I am very frustrated and I do not know what to do. I would be more than happy if they closed their doors today.

Ya'll Let me sum it up. @ WElls You have a group of Blacks that got hired years ago, They refered thier " friends" for jobs that were given to them instead of qualified applicants. I was told by HIRING MANAGERS that "Its not what you know, its who you know." They have Carreer Development programs for African Americans and offer nothing for non black employess. I was appauled. I was temp for Wells for 7 months. I outperformed permanent staff on a daily baisis. I applied for the very job I was performing and was denied based on " you don't meet the qualification " WHAT?? I'm sitting at my desk doing the WORK. I had BLACK employess tell my i'd never get hired b/c I was a white Yuppie type. ITs Reverse Racism at its finest folks.

Its like Prison, If your a WHite guy @ WElls Fargo.. Your the Nigger now. Harsh yet, but you'll see full well what i'm talkin bout once you work there.

You clearly don't work at Wells!!.

You would be hard pressed to find more than 3000 African Americans working at Wells Fargo at any meaningful capacity. Qualified minorities generally ask too many intelligent questions effectively short circuiting useful professional shelf life. Having a moral compass and intelligence is a dangerous mix in organizations such as Wells.

The reality at Wells is something not too far from the good old boy, and gal network. Qualifications mean nothing, compenentency mean nothing. If the larger society followed the Wells orgnizational model, brain surgeons would be washing toilets, adminstrative secretaries would be piloting commercial airliners, and battle field generals that consistently loose wars would be given ticker tape parades, large bonuses for absolute incompetence.

That's the reality. Minorities are always the easy target to bash.... 3000 out of an organization of 200K seems quite smallish ;-).

"Ya'll Let me sum it up. @ WElls You have a group of Blacks that got hired years ago, They refered thier " friends" for jobs that were given to them instead of qualified applicants. I was told by HIRING MANAGERS that "Its not what you know, its who you know." They have Carreer Development programs for African Americans and offer nothing for non black employess. I was appauled. I was temp for Wells for 7 months. I outperformed permanent staff on a daily baisis. I applied for the very job I was performing and was denied based on " you don't meet the qualification " WHAT?? I'm sitting at my desk doing the WORK. I had BLACK employess tell my i'd never get hired b/c I was a white Yuppie type. ITs Reverse Racism at its finest folks.

Posted by: Pissed | December 10, 2008 at 08:23 AM"

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