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March 26, 2007

Marketing Bloggers Bracketology

Have you heard about the just-published book, THE ENLIGHTENED BRACKETOLOGIST: The Final Four of Everything? It’s a fun read where the authors have mocked-up NCAA March Madness-style brackets as a systematic way for “…parsing people, places and things to determine what is good, better, best in the world.”

The authors have invited “subject matter experts” to fill out these brackets with such offbeat categories as the Best Game Show Catch Phrases, Best Sports Rivalries, Best Guilty Pleasures, Best Plastic Surgery Disasters, etc. Fun stuff made even more fun at their DailyBracket website where you can submit your own bracket creations.

Since this is “Bracketology Season,” I thought it would be interesting to compile a Marketing Bloggers Bracketlogy chart parsing through a list of 64 somewhat-randomly chosen marketing blogs to find the BEST marketing blog. (Please note, this list was put together as something whimsical and not meant to be the final judgment on which marketing blog is really the best.)

I’ve whittled down the 64 marketing blogs I chose to include in my bracket to a FINAL FOUR. Three #1 seeds made it to my Final Four and one Cinderella seed made it. Seth Godin’s blog (#1 seed) takes on The Church of the Customer (#1 seed) in one match-up. The “winner” of that contest will face the winner between Creating Passionate Users (#1 seed) versus Marketing Profs Daily Fix (#3 seed).

You can access my full bracket by clicking on the image below to open it as a PDF.

I’ll post the results from my Marketing Bloggers Bracketology Chart on Monday of next week. In the meantime, you can also create your own chart by using this TEMPLATE (.xls). It would be fun to see a slew of other Marketing Bloggers Bracketology charts out there.


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Making the first round is a great honor. Thank you. Great list of bloggers. Very creative. Go Gators! (Sorry, as a proud alum, I couldn't resist.)

I could totally take Seth.


I had to read just for the fun of figuring out what your title meant. And I am in the South, with you ;-) Even more interesting is that today I finally updated my blogroll and added yours in.

What an interesting find. I'm almost thinking left and right brain from the two halves... this could go places even for those who end up not making it to be champion.

This is good stuff, plus I am always looking to expand my blogroll. Did you think of this on vacation? :)

Keep up the good work.

johnmoore - Honored to be part of your southern bracket. Realize this may be off topic .. but since Creating Passionate Users is a #1 seed .. seemed appropriate to ask your community to support Kathy.

Wait a sec. Where's Brand Autopsy?

Ann ... Stephen Denny's Note To CMO blog upended Brand Autopsy in the Sweet Sixteen. Drats.

Well THAT must have been a catfight.


What a fun way to spotlight many excellent marketing blogs! I'm thrilled to be included...and if someone has to get the best of me, I'm proud to fall to CK!

I'm rooting for Marketing Profs -- it seems quite right in the blogosphere for a compilation of incredible individual bloggers to take the crown!

This is great -- thank you for sharing it with us!



I feel honored just getting invited to the big dance. I have absolutely no doubt Creating Passionate Users whooped my butt big time. Hey there is always next year.. :) Thanks again for the include...


I am putting this under protest. I was robbed! :)

Damn, I can only hope for an invitation to the NIT? So much for being a mid-major. ;)

Pat ... doing an "NIT Marketing Blogs" bracket is a brilliant idea. You can use the same bracket template (excel file) I used -- it's included in the post. Have at it.

How fun! I found it hard to root for anyone in particular, especially since you pitted a couple of my friends against each other, but for the record, Paul was ABSOLUTELY robbed. ;)

This looks great...but of course the devil is in the details. Can I ask how the brackets and seeds were picked? It would have been interesting to segment the brackets based on expertise (e.g. branding, user-centric) with 1-2 general brackets?

Were the seeds picked based on any website traffic rankings? That would have been a good proxie for the popularity/polls.

Then; it would have been interesting to have a daily run-off where people to your site actually picked the head-to-head winners. That truly gives the Cinderella team a chance to come out of nowhere to win. It also would have forced all of us to visit some of the sites and find out what they have going on. With a little advance notice there' no telling what type of game-post they could have come up with!

All that said; great post!

NW Guy ... I ain't about Technorati rankings or anything close to an RPI rating for marketing blogs. The Todd And’s Power 150 List and Mack's Top 25 list are all over the rankings. Nothing analytical or statistical about how I seeded my tournament bracket. Strictly off-the-cuff. I thought about the whole voting idea but didn’t think I could devote the time needed to make that idea happen.

However … it looks like Jeff Jaffe is doing a Most Valuable Blog March Madness tournament with voting from Jaffe Juice readers.

John, I am humbled and psyched to have lost out to you. For the record, though, it is Flooring The Consumer [rather than the Customer - altho we're splitting hairs]. Really fun concept, and another opportunity to discover other great marketing blogs. Thanks very much!


Great idea. I put up my own bracket for blawgs, i.e. legal related blogs.

Alvin ... I saw your Blawgs Bracket. Nice. Thanks for picking up the ball and running with it. It's kinda cool to see a 64-slot bracket filled up with interesting blogs.

As the 1st blog to go up against Seth, I was really looking for the amazing Cinderella story. But as with my real never happened. Oh well....there's always next year. Thanks for indluding me, John.

Dude - Church of the Customer takes Jaffe Juice? Did you not count the hanging chads???

The real March Blogness will kick off on Jaffe Juice today. We've just seeded the 32 competing blogs and will pair the match-ups for voting this morning...

I'll be trying to do almost the same marketing blog playoffs in next weeks for italy. Thanks for great idea :)

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