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October 24, 2006

ZAG Rocks


Marty Neumeier’s
latest book, ZAG, rocks. (His first book, THE BRAND GAP, also rocked. It received a “prestigious” 2003 Marketing Book award from me.)

ZAG is much more than yet another business book riffing on the business differentiation strategy of when everyone zigs, your business should ZAG. On every page of ZAG is a knowledge nugget worthy of much mental gnawing. For example, on page 71, Marty distills the strategy behind how best to compete in a crowded marketplace by sharing this knowledge nugget:

“The wider the competition, the narrower the focus—and vice versa.”
[Marty Neumeier, ZAG, pg. 71]

”There’s a myth that people in organizations don’t like change. Actually, people do like change. What they don’t like is being changed.”
[Marty Neumeier, ZAG, pg. 127]

Tasty, eh?

I plan to share more money quotes from ZAG throughout the week. And if you’re eager and wanna work ahead … spend some time on the ZAG website. You can also get a heaping serving of BRAND GAP wisdom from devouring this PDF presentation.


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