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August 08, 2006

A Sign of the Blogging Times

I’m receiving more and more emails with auto-signatures from people (mainly media folk) that tell me if the email thread is bloggable or not. These auto-signatures look like this:

this email is: [ ] bloggable [ ] ask first [X] private

Anyone else seeing a surge in such auto-signatures?


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Only from certain senders. I wonder what would happen if you ignored it?

I got an email from Seth Godin yesterday that said at the bottom in his signature, "This note is off the record (blogs, too) unless we agree otherwise.

Interesting. I guess its just another way to CYA.

Seth Godin has an off the record disclaimer. I noticed this on an email response he sent to me. Seth is known for being responsive via email. I think there is some merit in doing this.

I use one. I don't expect people I don't know to honor it, but then again I don't tend to share confidential info in email with strangers :-) It's mostly a flag for friends and acquaintances, and I do expect them to honor my wishes.

I would never use it with a journalist because I don't believe in "off the record."

Not really John. But I've been recently overwhelmed with trackback spam. ;(

Shouldn't the etiquette be that a conversation is never bloggable unless the contrary is made clear to both parties? Works for phonecalls.

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