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June 16, 2006

F.I.R.E.’d Up

My travels this week took me to Greenville, South Carolina where I connected with kindred spirits at Brains on Fire (BoF). Robbin, Spike, Virginia, and Geno (shown below) are just a few of the brains from BoF.


BoF is a whiz-bang marketing services company that lives by the credo of: Fascinate. Inspire. Reward. Engage. I spent a full day hanging out with the BoF crew and they shared with me some of their recent work which I found fascinating, inspiring, rewarding, and engaging.

Dig around the Brains on Fire blog and you might just get F.I.R.E.’d up too. I’ve already done some diggin’ for ya…

Robbin >> Hiring is Tiring
Spike >> Campaigns vs. Movements
Virginia >> Bringing Back Bandit
Geno >> I Still Have Hope


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It was great to hang out with you, by Baylor/Dallas/Marketing brother.

Don't be a stranger. And thanks for the kind words...

Who knew that the Brand Autopsy Dr made housecalls? We enjoyed it thoroughly and hope you'll be back in 6 months for a checkup.

Thanks for the link to the BOF blog. The campaigns vs. movements post by Spike is particularly good.

John, it was alot of fun having you here in Gville. I hope we can talk you into some future housecalls.

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