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May 18, 2006

WOM Presentation on YouTube

I’m in Barcelona this week at the Marketing without Advertising Conference sharing my Creationist Word-of-Mouth vs. Evolutionist Word-of-Mouth presentation. Before leaving for Barcelona, I synced up recorded audio with my presentation slides then converted it to a video file and uploaded it to YouTube for all to view.

Video Description:
Which came first ... Word-of-Mouth Marketing or Marketing that’s worthy of Word-of-Mouth? It's similar to the age-old question of which came first--the Chicken or the Egg? This particular question has Creationists going up against Evolutionists in heated debates. Same goes for Word-of-Mouth Marketing where in one corner you have WOM Creationists and in the other corner you have WOM Evolutionists debating which method is best.

johnmoore, the marketing medic from the Brand Autopsy Marketing Practice, adds his unique perspective to this marketing debate by dissecting the differences between Creationist WOM and Evolutionist WOM.

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Very buzz idea!! Have a nice days in Spain

good work, u are linked.

The IWOMC web site is one of the worst I've ever seen, horrible navigation and layout. Was it designed by a blind scrabble player?

I enjoyed your presentation in Barcelona very much, John. It was a pleasure (and I might even say an honor) meeting you.

Hi John, very nice meeting you, inspiring. Let's stay in touch !

Cheers, Willem (Dutch Buzzer-guy)

Dear John,
enjoy yourself in Barcelona! Very nice meeting you! A large kiss from Italy. Alex

Great presentation John. I've linked this video in my blog. As you mention the creationist approach creates preference, and evolutionist creates awareness. I view both methods as having validity, it depends on your objectives i guess. the evolutionist approach creates long term loyalty to the brand, but awareness can be essential in the beginning stages of a brand.

Hey, John, look there

Yeah ... super cool picture of the Ninja Marketing guys and the Brand Autopsy marketing medic. Thanks for sharing.

Awesome, John.

You are one of the big thinkers in word of mouth.

Great presentation. Caterpillar Inc is a great example of evolutionary WOM. They have been a client of mine, and at the core their marketing seeks to be bold and authentic and then let the product sell itself. It also helps that they've been making the best earth moving equipment in the world for decades. Caterpillar customers are some of the most loyal you'll find anywhere.

Making up a story vs. telling a story? Viva the evolution! Nicely done...

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