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March 09, 2006

Laws of Lifetime Growth


Over at the Dig Tank blog, Howard Mann recommended the recently published LAWS OF LIFETIME GROWTH (Dan Sullivan & Catherine Nomura). Since Howard’s Brickyard thinking jibes with much of my thinking, I took him up on reading THE LAWS OF LIFETIME GROWTH.

Good book … lots of chewy statements to gnaw on which will help challenge/motivate anyone and any business to seek meaningful and continual growth. However, at times, the book gets a little too righteous in dispensing pious platitudes. Look beyond the triteness and delve into the “rightness” of each lifetime growth law.

Go ahead and gnaw on the following snippets from the book ...

”The ten laws in this book are like mirrors you can use to reflect your behavior, to see if it’s supporting or undermining your continued growth. Use them as you would a hallway mirror on your way out the door – do a quick check to make sure everything looks good, adjust if necessary, and then carry on. (pg. 2)
Always make your future bigger than your past.
”Approach your past with this attitude, and you will have an insatiable desire for even better, more enjoyable experiences.” MORE
Always make your learning greater than your experience.
”Experience alone is no guarantee of lifetime growth. But continually transform you experiences into new lessons, and you will make each day of your life a source of growth.” MORE
Always make your contribution bigger than your reward.
”The one sure guarantee that rewards will continually increase is not to think too much about them. Instead, continue making an even greater contribution – by helping others eliminate their dangers, capture their opportunities, and maximize their strengths.” MORE
Always make your performance greater than your applause.
”If you become more skillful and useful, you will receive greater applause from an expanding audience. This can be intoxicating, and the temptation will be to start organizing your life around other people’s recognition and praise. You’ll keep repeating what got you the applause in the first place – rather than moving on to something new, better, and different. The applause will become more important to you than your improved performance.” MORE
Always make your gratitude greater than your success.
”Continually acknowledge others’ contributions, and you will automatically create room in your mind and in the world for much greater success.” MORE
Always make your enjoyment greater than your effort.
”Finding ways to get more and more enjoyment from your activities is one way to ensure continued growth.” MORE
Always make your cooperation greater than your status.
”Working with others and creating opportunities for increased cooperation makes greater things possible in our lives and in the world.” MORE
Always make your confidence greater than your comfort.
”Many successful people start off life as dreamers and risk-takers, but the moment they become successful, they start seeking greater security and comfort as their main goal. This attitude puts them to sleep motivationally, and they lose the confidence that made them so successful.” MORE
Always make your purpose greater than your money.
”Money as an end, become as growth stopper. Having a purpose that is greater than yourself will give you a constant impetus to strive. Purpose gives life meaning and helps us direct and focus our talents and efforts.” MORE

Always make your questions bigger than your answers.
“ … all growth lies in the territory of the unknown. What we already know is in the past. What we have yet to discover is the future. Always make your questions bigger than your answers and you’ll keep drawing yourself into a bigger future with new possibilities.” MORE


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Great you liked it! His stuff does get a little repetitive but I find it provides a nice reminder. He has been running his Strategic Coach program for over 10 years now and they have statistics that show that his process more than doubles personal income over 3 years while dramatically increasing free time. A result that speaks to the core of any entrepreneur/business owner. Having gone through it, it works.

Some of the knowledge products they sell on their site do a really nice job of putting the concepts into action on a daily, monthly and quarterly basis.

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