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February 19, 2006

Double-Double Trouble for In-N-Out Burger?


I’m a big fan of and big believer in In-N-Out Burger. I cite them constantly when sharing my jumboSHRIMP Marketing beliefs on getting bigger by acting smaller. In-N-Out Burger is a quintessential jumboSHRIMP Marketing business because they steadfastly follow the jumboSHRIMP Marketing golden rule of being the best, not the biggest.

However, this week I learned from BusinessWeek (sub. req’d) of some intra-company shenanigans where, allegedly, In-N-Out Burger heiress, Lynsi Martinez, is maneuvering to take control of the business. Currently, In-N-Out Burger has around 200 locations in only California, Nevada, and Arizona. Rumor has it that if Lynsi gets control of In-N-Out Burger, she will seek to take advantage of accelerating the growing of the business. Let’s hope this hullaballo is more rumor than fact.

Scarcity and privacy have been two of In-N-Out Burger’s main business strategies. By choosing to be inconvenient with its judicious and methodical expansion and choosing to remain a privately-help company, In-N-Out Burger has so far not fallen victim to the Krispy Kreme trap.

The Krispy Kreme trap? That’s when you take a cult regional brand and decide to take it national by any means possible. (We all know where that strategy got Krispy Kreme.)

For more on the developing situation with In-N-Out Burger’s intra-company shenanigans, read this LA Times article and this Washington Post article.


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You should at "questionable product quality" as a subgroup to the Krispy Kreme trap.

The overexposure not only removed part of the "Scarcity and privacy" allure, but it also exposed their products to be pedestrian, at best.

I like some In-and-Out as much as the next, but if you step back and compare, their product is so-so. The fries and decidedly subpar. I would even to venture to say, overall, Jack-in-Box has displayed better quality on average in my experience.

As for Krispy Kreme, I never found them to be good, even in their native environs. Count me among those who prefer a good cake donut anyday (Seattle local mini-chain TopPot being by favorite to date).


Wouln't you LOVE to have an In-n-Out nearby in Texas? ;-)

Never had In-n-out Burger myself, but heard lot of good things about them. We have a similiar hamburger joint out by my way (Philly tri-state area), called "Five Guys." It sounds very similiar to In-and-Out. Besides the taste of their burgers (which are very good), I think the biggest reason it is so popular is b/c most people in general love alternatives. And "Five Guys" is a great alternative to McDonald's. I think it makes most people feel good they know about abd eat at this other hamburger joint while the rest of the population eats garbage at McD's and Burger King. Add to the fact "Five Guys" uses peanut oil and people think its healthy ("Well I'm not eating McDonalds!") lol.

Obviously, you must live somewhere within driving distance to an In-N-Out. This is for those of us stuck somewhere other than the west coast, and who long for one of those burgers more than once a year.

donny said they make good burgers there
in the Big Lebowski

I moved to Texas about 3.5yrs ago...I love In-n-Out...they are the best burger that anyone can ask for...Double Double with grilled onions are to die for! Must Must check it out if are ever in the West Coast. and for you Whataburger lovers...they don't even come close to a In-n-Out burger...The Double Double has lots of flavor...cheese is melted...ahhh heaven! not like the whataburger all you can taste is the Mustard and pickles!...yuck! And for you Burger King lovers if you want sloppy cold burger... Burger King is the one for you.

Stop comparing Whataburgers basic burger to In and Out's specialty burger. Go back to Whataburger, ask them to make you a burger the way you want it made instead of the default. Mustard isn't the only condiment they offer. Guess what? It all makes you fat. Go do some cardio.

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