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January 01, 2006

Favorite Posts from 2005

Reckon I should close this year of blogging with my favorite Brand Autopsy posts from 2005 like I did back in 2004. Enjoy.

1 | More Bad Bzz for BzzAgent | Jan. 2, 2005

My riffs on the whole BzzAgent HomeCafe debacle generated lots of spirited comments.

2 | Being the Best, Not the Biggest | Jan. 26, 2005

While my marketing mindset doesn’t sync with the ‘bigger is better’ and ‘lowest price is best’ business mentality of so-called Category Killers, author Robert Spector adds a touch of retail reality in this post.

3 | The More You Sell, The Less You Make | Feb. 10, 2005

As long as a business has sound fundamentals, how can it be the more a business sells ... the less it makes? Two words : WAL*MART.

4 | JC Penny’s Missing Middle Strategy | Mar. 4, 2005

With upscale retailers like Neiman Marcus & Nordstrom attracting the affluent shopper and with downscale retailers like Wal*Mart & Target appealing to the bargain shopper … it doesn’t leave much space in the middle for retailers selling moderately priced goods. Yet, this is exactly where JC Penney is banking its retailing strategy on – the Missing Middle.

5 | Things Great Managers Do | Mar. 7, 2005

This post summarizes a Marcus Buckingham penned Harvard Business Review article outlining the traits of great managers. Learn why great manages play chess, not checkers.

6 | WOMMA Summit Recap | Mar. 31, 2005

There are lots of good marketing nuggets to mine in this recap of the first Conference put on by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association.

7 | Marketing Lessons Learned from Freakonomics | April 18, 2005

If you’ve read Freakonomics, then you know the takeaways are not readily apparent, nor immediately applicable in a business sense. However in this post, I share four lessons marketers can learn from this best-selling book.

8 | According to Marketing Bloggers | Apr – May, 2005

I thought it would be interesting to take a congregation is smarter than the preacher approach by throwing out the same questions marketing Professor Philip Kotler answers in his According to Kotler book. Lots of solid comments from us marketing bloggers.

9 | Lessons Learned from Improv | April 29, 2005

This post contains my business-minded learnings after completing 18 weeks of improv comedy classes.

10 | Getting the Most Out of LIARS | May 22, 2005

Brand Autopsy served as a stop on the Business Blog Book Tour stop for Seth Godin’s All Marketers are Liars book. Besides summing up the crux of Liars, this post shares ideas on how best to approach reading this polarizing titled book.

11 | The Evolution of the Starbucks Logo | June 22, 2005

I added some context and visuals to The Deadprogrammer’s Café post on the evolution of the Starbucks Coffee logo.

12 | EDEO is the New EDLP | July 6, 2005

Was there a car manufacturer in 2005 that didn’t use an “Employee Discounts for Every One”(EDEO) pricing strategy to drive sales? Don’t think so. And boy did I have some HMOs (hot marketing opinions) on this pricing strategy.

13| Better Business Through Improv | July 19, 2005

In Improv Wisdom, Patricia Ryan Madson shares lots of great thoughts on how to become more open, accepting, and spontaneous in one’s personal life. We struck up an email conversation and Patricia shared ideas on how to apply Improv into one’s business life. Good stuff.

14 | Marketing Masterpiece Theater | July 2005

Methinks I should do more dramatic readings of marketing/business writings in 2006. I only did three in 2005 but I plan to do at least one per month in 2006. Links: One, Two, Three.

15 | Brand Autopsy Discount Detox Center | Aug. 3, 2005

Given all the hype and hysteria over the Employee Discounts for Every One pricing strategy, I felt compelled to establish a Discount Detox Center to help rid businesses of toxins accumulated by rampant abuse of discounting pricing strategies.

16 | Marketing Intervention Guidelines | Aug. 5, 2005

As a public service, the Brand Autopsy Discount Detox Center made available its Marketing Intervention Guidelines for concerned businesspeople wanting to conduct a marketing intervention. If you know a marketer who is severely dependent and is unwilling or unable to see the severity of their addiction to discounting, please consider confronting the discount addicted marketer with a marketing intervention.

17 | Paul Williams Moving to the Idea Sandbox | Aug. 11, 2005

In August, the Brand Autopsy blog said good-bye to Brand Examiner Paul Williams. These days you can read from Paul’s never-ending sandbox of ideas on the Idea Sandbox blog.

18 | GM is in Deep Denial | Aug. 26, 2005

The riffing on discount addiction continued with the publishing of The Circle of Discount Addiction. This post explains the stages every discount addicted marketer experiences when abusing low price marketing schemes.

19 | The Difference is Why | Sept. 2005

Over at the WOM vs. ADV blog, I contributed five images illustrating the differences between Word-of-Mouth Marketing and Advertising.

20 | Starbucks Tribal Knowledge | Aug. 2005

You’ll be reading more about Starbucks Tribal Knowledge in 2006. Consider these nuggets as idea-starters with many more nuggets to come.

21 | Winning Ways of Whole Foods Market | Oct. 16, 2005

Having spent time as WFM’s Director of National Marketing, I experienced first-hand how the company’s decentralized infrastructure fosters bottom-up innovation (not top-down direction) to drive sales and build the brand. To give a better insight into the unique business and marketing culture of Whole Foods Market, I outlined 10 core philosophies the company follows.

22 | What You Do vs. What You Did | Oct. 25, 2005

Learn why as a marketer, I want people talking about what a company does and not what it did.

23 | Blogging Enterprise Follow-Up | Nov. 4, 2005

While on a panel at The Blogging Enterprise Conference in Austin, I talked about how blogs help small companies look bigger and help big companies get smaller. I also shared thoughts on how companies can be more compelling in their blogging efforts.

24 | Wrongview of the RSS Worldview | Nov. 16, 2005

RSS is big topic for marketers these days. I had some HMOs (hot marketing opinions) after reading a Seth Godin posting urging his blog readers to get on the RSS wagon.

25 | Broken Windows Broken Business | Dec. 7, 2005

Applying the Broken Windows theory to business works outrageously well. I love the concept. Love the concept so much I tried to sum-up a 162 page book on the topic in a blog posting of less than 400 words.


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