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December 20, 2005

The Whoa! Project

In The WOW Project, Tom Peters wrote, “All work is project work. And you are your projects.” I couldn’t agree with him more. Throughout my marketing career, I’ve lived in the projects and that’s why I can relate to this visual of Project MISmanagement which I’ve titled, "The WHOA! Project".


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This is a beautiful represntation of how life truly operates....

I hope this post turns some dusty light bulbs on in people's heads and yells: "Let's learn to communicate better!"

The documentation one is particularly poignant!

all those communication barriers! whoaaa!

A joke I learned when working as a programmer in the mid 1980s has to do with a software manager unveiling a new design.

The short version is that the software developer receives a spec for a wheel and axle. After a few weeks he holds a design review meeting, the centerpiece of which is a drawing ("based on the spec") of a square with a central axle.

"No, no, no!" the product manager shouts. "There'll be four unacceptable bumps in each rotation".

A few weeks later the software manager comes back with the new, and presumably improved, design. There is a small gasp followed by puzzled expressions when this time the drawing is of a triangle with a central axle.

The software manager responds, "What's the problem? We've reduced bumping by 25%..."

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