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October 12, 2005


Enough with the teasing ...

The short and snappy Starbucks Tribal Knowledge nuggets I posted last week are to be included in a book I'm writing titled, TRIBAL KNOWLEDGE: Lessons Learned from Working Inside Starbucks [Dearborn Trade | Fall 2006].

I’ve enjoyed all the blog conversations and email conversations we’ve had whenever we share thoughts about Starbucks. So for the TRIBAL KNOWLEDGE book, I’m going to add a FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) section. But the trick is … I want as many questions as possible to come from YOU!

Yep, here is your opportunity to learn some things you’ve always wanted to know about Starbucks but didn’t know whom to ask.

Go ahead, ask me. And if your question makes it into TRIBAL KNOWLEDGE, you’ll not only receive a free copy of the book … you’ll also receive mention in the book by name.

Send all Starbucks FAQ questions to me at this email address:

If you are at a loss for which questions to ask, here are a few thought-starters:
  • Why does Starbucks not scoop beans and instead sells pre-bagged coffee?
  • What have been the biggest problems Starbucks has faced in scaling its business?
  • Why does Starbucks not capitalize its job titles?
  • Why does Starbucks keep opening up multiple stores in the same intersection?
  • Why is it the pastries Starbucks sells do not taste as good as the coffee?
  • I've got a great product idea for SBUX, what should I do to let them know about it?
  • What can I do to get a marketing job at Starbucks?

  • Deadline for submitting questions is Sunday, November 13.


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    How does Starbucks assure that its employees are customer oriented?

    (Last time I was in a German Starbucks, the very customer friendly staff told me that they are only going to serve the coffe in paper cups now, because they are going to close in half an hour - I did not want to take away my coffe, but sit down.)

    Here's what I can't figure out:

    How does selling Starbucks products through retailers like Wal-Mart align with the Starbucks brand/business model? It seems discontinuous with the rest of Starbucks as they can only influence product, but leave the experience to Wal-Mart.

    What is Starbucks Stretch Culture?
    What is there startegic intent?
    What are their distinct competencies, and what are the capabilties, Process, Sub Process and resources for each distinct competencies?

    Jason ... before I can offer an answer, I need to know what a "stretch culture" is?

    Hasn't SBUX strategic intent been articulated before and isn't it demonstrated every day in SBUX locations?

    And I am at a loss to begin to offer thoughts on the capabilities, processes, sub-processes, and resources for each of SBUX competencies. TRIBAL KNOWLEDGE ain't gonna touch such super-granular information. Dig?

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