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April 12, 2005

Resistance is Futile

The_war_of_art_1Guy Kawasaki’s Art of the Start may serve as a guide for starting anything. But ... Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art will help you finish what you started by inspiring you to overcome the self-sabotaging power of Resistance.

After all as Steven writes, “The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.” (pg 12, The War of Art)

If you, like me, are turning your avocation into your vocation, read this book. Don't resist. Read it now.

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    Typo? Your wrote "we will fell toward pursuing", but I presume that is "feel". I hope that was your typo and not Pressfields. I only mention this because I wanted to echo that quote in my own blog.


    -- Jack Krupansky

    Doh! Typo all the way. FEEL not fell. Change has been maid. ... I mean made.

    I must caution you about Guy Kawasaki. His book Rules for Revolution advocates the horrible "Don't Worry, Be Crappy" theory of "ship shit, be first on the market with a buggy product, collect the bitching from disgruntled customers, teardown analysis, fix bugs, issue 2.O, laugh all the way to the bank."

    I have alerted many business bloggers about the dangers of Kawasaki's idiocy. Katherine Stone at Decent Marketing was one who did her own post about my post about GK.

    I think you guys are far too bright to be taken in by this asshole.

    Steven ... my take is you've oversimplified Guy's message and added a dash of personal venom.

    Stop Typing and Start Protyping is another way to look at Guy's message of "Don't Worry, Be Crappy."

    Guy Kawasaki's Art of the Start is a solid book for entrepreneurs. The key learning it seems to be the ability to start over again and again.

    There was in fact a good post by Blog Inc at about the very same topic.

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