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April 04, 2005

"Mark This Ticket Resolved"


Movable Type provides kick-butt support for their products. Their Help Ticket system and user support team is fast, responsive, and thorough.

Their team member Kymberlie "saved the day" for me by helping me get my blog up and running. She "saved a customer" for Six Apart by being so swift and helpful.

If you are contemplating investing in Movable Type - do it.
If you are afraid you can't handle the technology - don't worry. You're in good hands with their on-line Knowledge Base and Help Ticket system.


I've made the leap (both financial and technical) to Movable Type (MT) software. MT is the user configurable, Grande version of TypePad.

The reasons for this purchase were that I wanted...
a) more control over the look of my Idea Sandbox blog, and
b) a URL linked to my domain name ( vs.

I've monkeyed with the personal version of MT in the past and found its references to PERL, SQL and CSS just beyond my geek abilities.

However, I noticed a 30-day money back guarantee on the MT website and proceeded under an "if I can't figure it out, I'll get my money back" premise.

I paid. I downloaded the source files. I followed the thorough instructions letter-by-letter. (Fellas, these aren't like IKEA instructions that you can fake and be a hero. You've actually gotta read 'em... completely).

I learned about MySQL. I found the path to PERL. I changed file permissions. (755 is a key number). All seemed to be going well.

However, when it came time to run the test files - it crashed.

I tweaked the code.

It crashed again.

I saw that you could submit a help ticket to MT, but assumed, like most other form/e-mail based "help" systems, you'll be lucky to receive an auto-response let alone a note from a real person.

I created a help ticket and grabbed a quick dinner. To my surprise, I had a reply waiting in my inbox when I came back to my PowerBook.

It took me several tickets and lots of modification of .cgi and .cfg files...

I'm still tweaking the templates to get it to look exactly like I want... But, I'm 90% there...

Two neat stories, then I'm signing off...

A woman named Kymberlie helped me with my ticketS - and ended up sticking with me until I was up and running! You get an idea of how much help I needed... She cheerfully and accurately guided me through the set-up process step-by-step.

Last Tuesday Kymberlie responded to my help tickets at:

  • 12:30 in the afternoon - TICKET 1. This was one of my first cries for help. She was there again at...

  • 10:54 pm at night - TICKET 2, and still at...

  • 11:25 pm - TICKET 3

  • The next morning she was back again helping me at...

  • 8:36 am - TICKET 4

  • 8:40 am - TICKET 5 (she asked me for some detailed ftp information to help me where I couldn't help myself)

  • At 8:56 am, I changed my files to what she suggested in the previous message and I was up and running!

  • I checked the box -> MARK THIS TICKET RESOLVED

    Sarah helped me with some style sheet coding... Even though my questions were beyond the scope of the type of support MT provides... she was cool enough to suggest some coding AND gave me four different links to websites that would solve my problem.

    You can't beat customer service like that!

    Thank you to the MT Support Team!


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    Glad you're so pleased with our support team, we love 'em too! Just so you know, you can get "a) more control over the look of my Idea Sandbox blog, and b) a URL linked to my domain name" both on TypePad (TypePad Pro supports full HTML customization and TypePad Plus and Pro both support custom domain names) but we're thrilled that Movable Type has met your needs.

    You're very, very welcome! I'm glad Sarah and I were able to get you up and running the way you want.

    Movable Type is indeed a great product. I used it on my own blog for almost three years before becoming part of the support team.

    Again, glad you're so happy! Let us know if there is anything else that we can do for you. :)

    another great idea to fix that problem with mt is to log in to the server, remove all of the files which you initially installed and then go to and download their open source application and follow their foolproof instructions, resting comfortably with the knowledge that their enormous user community will also answer any and all of your questions within minutes or hours via the support forums...just a thought ;)

    I'm a WordPress user, and I think Dave is living in a special world. I would love to know how to find that place, because in over a year I have gotten *one* helpful answer out of the WP support forums. Maybe it's just me, but I doubt it. The fact that MT has in-house support in addition to a strong community of users is one of the main reasons I'm on the verge of moving back to MT. Just my two cents...

    Christine, if you ever have problems with WP, let me or sketkar know. Sketkar is his own knowledge base. Also, there is a WP meetup in Houston if you ever want to come. Is there an MT meetup? I'm all about learning all of the available tools!

    How cool is that?! Anil (above) is a VP with Six Apart (the company that produces TypePad and Movable Type).

    I guess it makes sense that weblog software people are bloggers too... (The folks I work with who make coffee drink it too).

    Anil's participation... a company's participation is uncommon and special.

    More and more I have the feeling that not only is TypePad a cool product that empowers, but that the TypePad people and culture are really cool as well.

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