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March 31, 2005

Pings, Trackbacks, and Comments from the WOMMA Summit


I took page after page of notes from the inaugural Word of Mouth Marketing Association Summit. After culling through them today, I compiled a list of posts which round-up my takeaways and thoughts from the conference.

Go ahead and click-thru the following jump-list of posts.

  • The Mainstreaming of WOM?
  • The Grandfather of WOM Speaks
  • WOM Units and C.P.I.
  • Developing Ethical Guidelines for WOM
  • Influentials vs. Individuals
  • Greater the Promoters, Greater the Growth
  • Opening Kawasaki’s Kimono
  • Guy’s Bad Apple
  • Marketing Metaphor Melee
  • Emanuel Rosen’s 10 Questions Marketers Should Ask
  • David Polinchock Made Me Think
  • Viralmentalist – the Coolest New Word in Marketing

    Don’t just take my impressions from the conference. Be sure to check out other WOMMA round-up postings from these blogs:

  • Brand Experience Lab (David Polinchock)
  • Church of the Customer (McConnell | Huba)
  • Community Guy (Jake McKee)
  • A Penny For (Todd Sattersten)
  • Business Blog Consulting (Rick Bruner)
  • Conference Calls Unlimited blog (Zane Safrit)
  • Keith Bates blog
  • (Keith Bates)


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    Hey John, thanks for putting all of this together. Noticed you received some WOMMA over at the "church". Cool smock.

    By the way, at this site,, nice customer service kudos to your friends over at WFM.

    This person used to work with me in the corp world and set off on her own course. I encouraged her to blog and looks like she is slowly getting there. drop her a comment if you get a chance...

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