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February 16, 2005

Writer's Grotto

Po_bronson_grotto_3In Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal we learned Po Bronson, best-selling author, has a grotto … a writer’s grotto.

Bronson began The Writer’s Grotto in a former San Francisco Dog & Cat Hospital. Authors and screenplay writers pay up to $300 per month to work in one of the 21 old examination rooms turned workspaces. This diverse community of writers generously share advice, contacts, and first drafts with each other.

That’s cool. Anyone up for starting a Blogger’s Grotto?

Speaking of grottos, we know Hugh Hefner has a grotto … but does he have a blog?

Come to think of it, if I had a grotto like Hef’s … I’d do more ogling than blogging.


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hey john, aren't we already in some form of grotto? isn't that what the blogosphere is? a "place" where we come together and share ideas, critique each other's thoughts, point each other in the direction of expertise....

are you talking about a grotto like a collaborative blog? such as the Corrante Brand Shift where 4 well known bloggers are "holed up"?

if possible, please elaborate on this blogger grotto...cheers!

ooh - a bloggers grotto - I like that idea. I'm in if you start one....well if you start one in Melbourne!

jbr ... yeah, this networked conversation is a virtual grotto.

What I found cool about Bronson's Writer's Grotto is (a) it's in an old Dog & Cat Hospital, (b) 'Writer's Grotto' is fun to say, (c) and the high-touch collaboration within the San Francisco writing community.

The Brand Shift blog is like a 'Blogger's Grotto.' However, unlike Hugh Hefner's grotto ... what's written in the Brand Shift grotto, doesn't stay in the grotto. Dig?

That's really cool. I would like to convert some of the Toronto Islands into creative space - a 15 minute ferry ride from the city, and a world away from the hassles.

well, if you start one, let me know...i can contribute regarding corporate implementations and their purposes within a corp environment...don't think many people out there have a great deal of experience in true corp implementation...since we are in the badlands of texas, you could call it, "blogger's canyon" or "the blog in the wall" or "blog city" or "blogger corral" or "deep in the blog of texas"....plenty of "clever" western themes to pick from...mine are pretty lame...

Blogger's Ranch.
Blogger's Stable.
Blog on the Range.
Blogger's Cattle Call.
and so on ...

It's "Po." Not "Pro."

My bad. Correction made.

Here's my suggestion...

Shawn ... that was awesome. Thanks for sharing.

I'm now sharing it on its own Brand Autopsy post.

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