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November 15, 2004

Pepsi Spice Tasting Notes

I've put my mouth where my blog is and sampled the limited-edition Pepsi Spice. Below are my tasting notes.


  • 20 FL OZ plastic bottle
  • $1.29
  • Purchased at 7-11

    Clean, peach-amber reddish-brown hue

    Crisp, sparkling sweet aroma with hints of ginger and cinnamon

    Initial burst of cola effervescence which gives way to a rush of ginger infused sugar sweetness. The flavor mellows in its medium body that is accented by slight cinnamon overtones. This cola closes with a lingering spicy ginger intensity finish.

    Pepsi Spice tastes less caramel sweet than regular Pepsi and because of its spiciness, its flavor is reminiscent of Coca-Cola Classic. I don’t taste Red #40 and that’s probably a good thing. I was hoping the taste would be more adventurous with stronger cinnamon and ginger flavors.

    There is not enough of an interesting flavor to make Pepsi Spice remarkable. Nice try, but Pepsi Spice only hints at having uniquely delicious taste appeal.

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    You want something spicy and tasty? You like ginger ale with more bite to it? Try Vernor's. Here's a page about the history of the product - interesting. (Vernor's is owned by Dr.Pepper/7-Up, but I could not find a corporate site for Vernor's.

    I too picked some Pepsi Spice up at our supermarket tonight. Not impressed. You can certainly smell the ginger and cinnamon when you open the bottle and pour into your glass, but the taste... the taste just tastes like cola. I even pinched my nostrils to keep the smell out and took a sip and didn't taste any spice at all. The spice is all aroma. I give Pepsi Spice a C-

    Certainly sounds like you could get the same result from spiking your Pepsi with a little ginger-ale.

    How about a Chai cola?

    I don't know; I rather like Pepsi Spice. It's far better than regular pepsi, not as good as coke, but not as strong as coke, either. I need to try it out of the can, though.

    Four comments. One positive. 25% hit rate. I think Pepsi has a Holiday winner on its hands.

    Check out that dude is only drinking pepsi spice for 45 days.. I saw him talking about it on tv...hes having all these health problems

    Wow. That guy might not live to see that $1000. At what point do you think the $1000 won't be able to pay his medical/gym bills for after the bet is done?

    Are you guys kidding? We (my husband and I) tasted it and thought was reminiscent of Pepsi that had been filtered through some old potpourri. Cheap, old, nasty potpourri.

    Ooops. More negatives coming in.

    My negative only has to do with the fact that it doesn't really have a holiday spice taste - only aroma. Serioulsy, put a clothes pin on your nose and take a sip. It tastes just like regular old Pepsi.

    It smells better than it tastes,I mean I like it but it just does'nt have enough spicey flavor as advertised.The color red is pretty cool but my favorite thing about pepsi spice is the cool old fasioned label.All in all i really like it,too bad it'll only be around for 40 some days.

    It's actually a good mixer for rum. I like to drink Don Q Cristal but I'm interested to see what Captain Morgan would taste like with the Pepsi Spice.

    You should to listen to Malcolm Gladwell's audio download, he discusses taste testing. Maybe you just need to polish off a whole six-pack...!

    I don't know it just doesn't sound tasty, but I did buy a bottle, it has a musty aftertaste, like reg. Pepsi that is out dated. I opened a 2-liter bottle 2 days ago and there is about 1/4 gone, everyone takes a little sip but to date no one here loves it. Better luck next time Pepsi.

    It is unremarkable. I can't smell or taste any spice. It tastes like regular old boring Pepsi to me. Wait for the sales folks.

    Pepsi Spice does taste pretty darn good with the ginger and cinnamon, until you pinch your nose that is. Then it tastes like bland cola. That's where the flavor usually is in both food and drink so this is typical.

    Does anyone know if they are going to bring back holiday spice for the 2005 season?

    I love it! I'm also curious if they are bringing it back this '05 holiday. I tried asking a question directly to the Pepsi website, but "Lisa" must be unavailable.


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