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August 05, 2004

Commit to your Passion...

...and adversity won't derail you.

Just one of the many pieces of wisdom made clear in "Rules of the Red Rubber Ball: Find and Sustain Your Life's Work" by Kevin Carroll.

Carroll, Nike katalyst and storyteller turned author, shares his inspiring story about motivation. He found freedom in the playground as a kid and describes how that same fuel can drive dreams as an adult.

Amid the uncertainty of my childhood, the playground became my sanctuary, a magical environment where my worries, shame and low self-esteem disappeared. There I discovered my gift of speed. Despite my size, I could outrun most other kids and speed became my ticket onto the field

To Kevin, the red rubber ball represents play. Any activity that makes you excited about the day.

Akin to Orbiting the Giant Hairball, Carroll uses clever typography, eclectic paper stock, illustration, and photos to creatively outline how to discover your own red rubber ball. He then provides rules for what he considers the more difficult (yet satisfying) part of the dream - keeping it alive.

Your red rubber ball is what grabs you by the soul. It's what captures your imagination. It's what you do when no one tells you what to do, when you're alone in your room, on the playground or in your head. It's what you daydream, and that dream can be come your life's work... if you let it.

He then provides seven rules to help you follow your red rubber ball, your source of play.

  • Commit to It
  • Seek out Encouragers
  • Work Out Your Creative Muscle
  • Prepare to Shine
  • Speak Up
  • Expect the Unexpected
  • Maximize the Day
  • Follow these links to see excerpt pages from his book...

    one | two | three

    While this book may be sit in the personal growth section of your bookstore, it may as well sit in the business and management section. The seven rules of the red rubber ball can also apply to your workplace, your career, your home life...

    This book is currently only available via the Red Rubber Ball website and is priced at $22.95 (ISBN: 0975333100).

    What's your red rubber ball?


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    What? I can't buy this book at Amazon? Why not? What is this Why do I have to create a password/login just to buy a book? Aargh! I hate making logins for sites that I only want one thing from and I'll probably never use again. No sale for them!

    We are trying to see if we offer it at 800-CEO-READ. I will post something on the blog, if we can get it worked out.

    I also looked for the book at Amazon. I even prefer to order the book directly paying by PayPal.

    It's a new book... I'm sure it'll make its way to B&N and Amazon...

    Paul, your excerpt links seem not to be working. :-(

    Mark ... this is an old post and some of the links are dead. Try going here to earn more abou thte RED RUBBER BALL:

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