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May 04, 2004

Free Seth Inside

Welcome. It's day two of the Business Blog Book Tour #3 and Seth Godin’s latest marketing book, Free Prize Inside, is on the Brand Autopsy examination table.

We will not attempt to summarize the book here … Seth has already done that by posting a book summary and comprehensive endnotes online. Instead, we will blog about aspects of the book that either resonated with us or inspired us. We emailed Seth to help clarify some of our thoughts and his comments will be interspersed throughout our blog entries.

So, take a few minutes to read Brand Autopsy's take on Free Prize Inside and hopefully, after reading our entries and the other entries on the BBBT#3, you will be compelled to buy, read, and use Seth's new book.

Below is a jump list of our Free Prize Inside blog entries:

  • The Free Prize of Free Prize InsideIt’s more than a marketing book … much more

  • When is it NOT a Free Prize?Use... don’t abuse the term

  • Going Outside The (Pre-Defined Performance) BoxChampions make the best Project Managers

  • People Innovate, Not CompaniesPower to the person and not to the R&D dept.

  • Make Something HappenStop doing boring stuff and start spreading ideas

  • Methods to Seth's MadnessThe answers are in the questions Seth asks

  • Keeping Your Eyes on the PrizeThe conversation only begins with Free Prize Inside
  • ************************************
    If you are visiting Brand Autopsy for the first time , you might be wondering who we are. This blurb should quell your curiosity.

    During the day, Paul works for the world’s largest coffee retailer and johnmoore works for the world’s largest natural/organic grocer. At night, we dissect and discuss all things marketing. As marketing coroners on Brand Autopsy, Paul is the examiner and johnmoore is the investigator. Together, we riff about marketing that thrives and marketing that dies. [Void where prohibited. Not valid with other offers. No purchase necessary. Toe tags not included.]


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    You are spot on about Seth Godin’s work. The man is a genius!
    Best wishes,
    Barry O’Connell

    Seth Godin is a PRO in his area, his book is amazing.

    hi its amazing site i ever seen on books

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