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February 13, 2004

"Fight the Propaganda" Debate

Should Marketers have anything to do with Political advertising?

Rich Silverstein (Goodby, Silverstein & Partners) wrote an editorial in the Feb 2nd issue of AdWeek (click for PDF) where he makes a case for why advertising agencies should not get involved with crafting political ads.

Here at Brand Autopsy we have some “HMOs” (hot marketing opinions) on this subject matter. And since we are in the throws... er... throes [thanks mom!] of political primary season complete with debates galore, we thought it was appropriate to stage our own debate stemming from Silvertein’s editorial. It’s more of a point/counter-point than an actual debate. Allow us some leeway and play along. Okay?

  • We begin with Brand Autopsy Coroner Moore Disagreeing with Silverstein – read his dissection of the idea.
  • Brand Autopsy Examiner Williams Agreeing with Silverstein – read his examination and reply to Mr. Moore.
  • Next, Moore's long-winded rebuttal.
  • Finally, Williams' clever closing statement.

    Enjoy. Williams + Moore

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    John, Just went to your website and started reading - within the first few sentences, I found a misspelled word. I was glad to see that it was posted by Paul and not you.

    Instead of "throws", it should be "throes".

    Love you, Mom

    I think it's great that someone is available to hold you accountable for your words. My mom reads my blog as well.
    Now, if only we could hold politicians and their media folks accountable as well.
    Is there a blog that lists the agencies of the candidates and shows their work?

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